Web-Entwicklung & Hosting – Thorben Nissen

Frontend development

Since 2013 I am into frontend development with HTML5, CSS3 from SCSS and JavaScript. In the field of JavaScript I mostly work with jQuery. In the frontend development I usually work with a build pipeline based on grunt or gulp.

Such a build pipeline has the major advantage, that it is possible to decouple the frontend development, which is the conversion of the design to HTML and CSS, from the later used backend environment. The development can take place without having the complete backend stack installed. A special focus should be set on functions that use information from the backend, such as AJAX requests. I usually use mocking techniques to catch these requests and answer them with useful dummy data.

Furthermore I am familiar with responsive design. That includes the handling of the content for different screen sizes and the optimal display of images depending on the screen size and resolution by use of the picture element.