Web-Entwicklung & Hosting – Thorben Nissen

Web developer with heart and soul

Welcome, my name is Thorben Nissen.

I work in the web development since the beginning of my apprenticeship in 2008. My focus in the TYPO3 CMS. Furthermore I do frontend development, as well as administration of web, email and dns servers.

I started with TYPO3 CMS with version 4.2, as it was still called "only" TYPO3. Over the years I witnessed the development throug all version. I especially put focus on the new features, such as backend layouts, Extbase, Fluid and FAL. Therefore, I have much experience with TYPO3 CMS.

Additionally I looked into frontend development over the past years, including HTML5, CSS3 with SCSS and JavaScript. Of course I used the often used framework jQuery.

I privately run a web, as well as an email server, those i.a. host my personal customers. Furthermore, I run a DNS server for private purposes. In the field of server administration and configuration, I have experiences with Apache (2.2 and 2.4), as well as nginx.

Why "kapp-hamburg.de"?

You ask, why my domain is "kapp-hamburg.de"? This reflects my ancestry. Kapp is my name at birth and Hamburg is the city where I was born. The domain always reminds me of where a came from, no matter where I go.